Market Street Exhibit

November 13, 2009

Invite for Market Street Gallery

I dropped my work off a Macy’s for the upcoming CSP (California Society of Printmakers) show in San Francisco, picked up a batch of postcard announcements for the exhibit, and was happy to see my piece included on the front. Mine is the 5th from the top left.


Gathering Light #14. Etching, chine colleé, color pencil

Here’s a better image of it. It’s based on a bubble-chamber photograph. The flowers were photoshopped into bubble chamber photograph before the etching plate was made.The chine colleé image is from the Fresnel lens at the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse. The bright colors were added recently, drawn in with Sanford and Berol colored pencils.


The back of the postcard announcement

Reception: Friday Dec. 11, 6-9. 1554 Market Street. Exhibit up through Jan 2, 2010.


November 12, 2009

Kerri Johnson, of Blankspace Gallery and BayVan, came for a studio visit yesterday. Excellent entrepreneurial spirit and a great eye for art. AND, I’m in the BayVan

Ad for BCCO

November 8, 2009


In real life, this hand-inked, hand-pulled etching is in color. Some of the versions of this image use four etching plates. The one above, however, only used three: black, and two different blues for the two ice melt maps. Its subtitle is “Bruised: for its black and blue colors.

Oh, My California (Before) #3

October 31, 2009

"Oh, My California (Before) #3", an archival digital print of collage

Just sold another copy of one of my favorite striped pieces, and had a nice visit with the buyer too.  The image is based on three photographs that my Aunt Kathryn took of wildflowers at her Arroyo de Plato Ranch in Cuyama, east of Santa Maria. It’s interesting to see the different ways this print has been framed.

New Work: Learning Gun Control #3

October 6, 2009

Here are 4 variations of my most recent image, “Learning Gun Control #3”. These are all digital prints. They were done as the first assignment in my digital printing class at Berkeley City College. We were to scan at least three different 3-D objects and put them into a composition. Which is your favorite?

Sing With Me! Sept. 22

September 15, 2009


JOIN THE LOCAL SING THE EARTH!  Non-singers welcome. All ages. Everyone sings or hums along. Emeryville Marina, facing the Golden Gate. Tuesday, September 22, 4:45. Celebrate the Fall Equinox, rejoice and heal the earth. Singing begins promptly at 5 pm. Continues until 7 pm. Join the wave of sound circling the earth. Bring your own water and snacks. Rain or shine! Singing, chanting, humming, improv a cappella, whale and camp songs. Bring a song to share. Sing a solo – everyone will hum along as best they can!

Woodcut exhibit at St. Mary’s College

July 27, 2009


Panel of artists and collectors on wood and lino cut prints

Panel of artists and collectors on wood and lino cut prints

Excellent show! “California in Relief: A History in Wood and Linocut Prints”, at the Hearst Art Gallery at St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California. I hate to admit it, but I had never been there before. It’s quit beautiful and the gallery is terrific. Art Hazelwood spent the past five years curating a most excellent, interesting, and informative show!

Toothbrushes off to Cal Expo, the California State Fair!

July 27, 2009


Selecting and documenting toothbrushes for Cal Expo to display

Selecting and documenting toothbrushes for Cal Expo to display

I spent nearly a week rummaging through half of the International Toothbrush Collection selecting a wide variety of toothbrushes ~ except the standing toothbrushes are already in one display case and the vernacular chew sticks in another ~ for the Cal Expo folks to display as they see fit. In all, about 300 toothbrushes from over 2,000 will be on display in the Wild, Weird, and Wacky Collections portion of the California State Fair. The State Fair, Cal Expo, has two websites! Big Fun and Cal Expo. Go figure!

Terrific 1st Day of Open Studio!

June 11, 2009
View of the gallery before, and after, 85 people traipsed through.

View of the gallery before, and after, 85 people traipsed through.

Linda, Lisa, Wayne, and Corey's back

Linda, Lisa, Wayne, and Corey's back

A fun day! Lots of interested visitors, fun helpers, vodka shots. I even sold 5 pieces! Sharing my space with Jason Shirriff added to the rich experience.

More than 50 photos have been posted to my Flickr and Facebook pages.

NEXT EVENT: Saturday, June 13th!

Door Prize this year at Open Studio, June 6th

June 3, 2009


Our 3 person postcard invitation

Our 3 person postcard invitation

Finally!  ALMOST ready for Open Studio. Just have the  wonderful polar piece to finish. 

I’ll be offering a door prize this year. The drawing will be on the second day of my open studio, Saturday June 13th.   Big surprise! 

Come say hello!