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March 22, 2009
Dr. Alex Feng pulling herbsDr. Alex Feng pulling herbs


Well, this post isn’t about my art, but it is about my health. After a month of a horrible cold, along with a slew of other minor unrelated ailments, I decided to try a new acupuncturist. I went to see Dr. Alex Feng, recommended to me by my ENT, Dr. William Lewis. My voice recovered substantially by the next morning.

This was followed by the adventure of searching for a glass saucepan or a crockpot to simmer the herbs. Off to Oakland Chinatown Tuesday evening where the ceramic pots were not appealing, so I found something on Craig’s List, which had me driving out to Livermore on Thursday.


A finger of fog, Mt. Tam in the distance. on a crystal clear day

A finger of fog, Mt. Tam in the distance. on a crystal clear day

On Wednesday I drove to Sebastopol to see Holly Downing, whom I’ve known since 1970 when we traded art work. Here’s Holly, from her web page:


Holly Downing, at her etching press

Holly Downing, at her etching press

We talked art and life, at Nepalese lunch in Sebastopol, talking more art and life. Then we drove into Santa Rosa to visit with Daniel Lienau, a print dealer, of Annex Galleries. I wanted to talk with him further about hosting a 100th anniversary exhibition for California Society of Printmakers. He agreed. It would be a “salon” style show like this:

Annex Galleries, a well-known print gallery in Santa Rosa

Annex Galleries, a well-known print gallery in Santa Rosa


Taxes? More Procrastination!

March 17, 2009

My three art scrapbooks

My three art scrapbooks

Tax time, right? Instead I spent nearly two days updating my art scrapbooks.  I decided to add reproductions of my exhibited works along with the show announcements. Why? It makes a better scrapbook, of course. But it also helps the failing memory! I’m using the Epson 2000 I bought second hand a year ago. Great printer!

Friday the 13th! I Should Have Known!

March 16, 2009

My work in the Jury Assembly Room and Hiro, Toshi, and Hayashi.

Toshi was back in the U.S. with two of his colleagues from Sapporo, Hiro and Hayashi. They’re studying the relationships between art and community, and I was their Oakland tour guide. It was Friday the 13th.

First stop: Manual E. Wiley Superior Courthouse, 3rd floor, where I have about 30 framed pieces on loan, courtesy of Judge McKibben. This is an example of art in a public space that could have been rented through a rental gallery.  

Some of my work in the 3rd floor hallway. Toshi (left) and Hayashi (center) with my Oil & Water monotypes.

Some of my work in the 3rd floor hallway. Toshi (left) and Hayashi (center) with my Oil & Water monotypes.

Next we headed off to Pro Arts, an exemplar of an artist supported non-profit arts organization. They were quite taken with April Banks’ installation on the politics of chocolate production.


Hayaski, Toshi, Hiro and April Banks' chocolate production installation.


Next we headed off to 1300 Clay Street, at Andrea Voight’s suggestion. Too bad I locked the keys in the rental car! I called a cab because they only had one more hour before galleries closed. We headed off to Johansson Projects at 23rd and Telegraph. I spent the next 40 minutes on the phone with Dollar Rent-a-Car’s mobile assist while they chatted with owner Kimberly, who spent a good deal of time with them (and remembered me by name from way back when I bought a piece by Rock Paper Scissors across the street. I’d arranged for the cabbie to stay with us, just in case we had time to visit a few more galleries, which we didn’t. He got us back to the rental car in time to meet Knock-a-Lock, who used an air jack to get into the car!

45 minutes on the phone, 5 minutes at the car to extract the keys!

45 minutes on the phone, 5 minutes at the car to extract the keys!

Studio 13 – Sharing Creative Space

March 16, 2009

Rental agreement (left), principles & guidelines (center), contact (right)

On Wednesday, March 11, a young artist named James Cordas, with Analisa’s permission, started moving his stuff in to Studio 13 upstairs. Basically, he’s subletting a small portion of the studio. When I saw the mounds of stuff he had, including some BIG drums, I freaked out. This was actually good! I spent the afternoon hammering out a subleasing rental agreement and a statement of “Shared creative space principles and guidelines”. Both are pretty good! It’s good to get more creative energy into the Filbert Street Studios complex.

February – A Lost Month? Let Me Count the Ways!

March 6, 2009

1. Dashed hopes
I waited eagerly to learn which of my art pieces had been accepted into the Pro Arts 2009 Juried Annual. This waiting led to the first of the many procrastinations in my lost month. I was surprised, really surprised, that none of my pieces were accepted, as they are all good, strong works, very contemporary in content and look. Take a look yourself. What do you think?

Syncopated Politics.      (9′ long, 2.5′ high, mounted on aluminum)



Oh, My California (Before) #3.       (44″ high x 31″ wide)


Beautiful Bad #1 (Hot Ivy Mike).      (24″ high x 36″ wide, framed)


Beautiful Bad #2 (Hot Ivy Mike).     (24″ high x 36″ wide, framed)


Red Shoes, or Monica & Me.        (5′ high x 6.5′ wide, jacquard tapestry mounted on wood)

I went to the show, juried by Ali Subotnick of the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. It was a good exhibition, heavy on photography, tasteful but with little real punchy work. The entry show, PROJECT, by April Banks, was a stunner, though.

2. Procrastination Continues: TAXES!
The procrastinating continued as I skirted around my taxes, probably not helped by worrying two problematic relationships.


3. ESCAPE! Heavenly Trip to Laguna San Ignacio, Baja Sur.


Mid-February I went to see the friendly gray whales in San Ignacio Lagune with Monica Towers and Marion Anderson with Baja Expeditions. I’ve some photos from this wonderful trip on my Flickr site. But you can see the one photo that epitomizes the most thrilling part of the trip: actually touching a baby whale! S/he voluntarily came up to our boat about 5 times. No food lures allowed! Just curiosity and interspecies contact!


4. A Mexican Cold?
I had a wee sore throat just before we flew back, from San Ignacio to Ensenada, a 3+ hour flight in this WWII era plane, a DC3 dc3-at-airstrip1, that helped explode the wee cold into a tornado, one that has had me sick in sickbed, fussing with lots ofcold for two weeks now, and I still haven’t done my taxes1