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“Polar 2” ->3 trips in 4 days to TAP

December 18, 2008

tap I made my 3rd trip (in 4 days!) to TAP Plastics, this time to the San Leandro store. There I got lots of useful information from Russ the manager about the best plexi fabricators. That’s for when I get around to re-doing my Patty Hearst vitrine. I brought him my polar 2 polymer plates and asked him to determine the correct size so that my next batch of  1/16″ polycarbonate plates would be the exact same size as the polymer plates, not before, but after beveling.

noname3I’ve been photographing the local “grocery cart guys”, people who recycle. I’ve got some holiday cookies in the front seat of my car for them. This man on Adeline Street, mid-cooky, would not tell me his name, citing his legal problems. He spun a long, convoluted and somewhat confused tale of woes and wrongs.

Friends & Street Folk

December 15, 2008


Morning at home. Later dashed to Kala to measure the copper plates I have ready for my next print (working title: polar 2). Then to TAP Plastics to have matching plexi plates cut. Closed on Sundays! After wrapping a gift, I went to Susie Cole’s for our annual Fungus Flats (Camp Augusta, our Camp Fire Girls Camp in Grass Valley) Holiday Party and gift exchange. On the way out, in the brisk night air, Joan Henley and I were talking memories. I encouraged her to join our Wednesday afternoon Golden Room (see to start writing hers. Because that made me remember my blog, I went back to Susie’s (everyone had left by then) to take a symbolic photo of our annual get together. Then home.

As I pulled into my drive way I noticed two “grocery cart guys” scrambling to move out of my way, or to stop doing whatever they were doing. I stopped my car in the driveway, got out, and offered them each a cookie from the tin I’ve been keeping in my front seat especially for this purpose. They each eagerly took one. I asked why they were out so late at night. Too rainy earlier in the day to do their recycling, they said. They thanked me for the cookies.

First Post

December 3, 2008

imgp0049I started photographing the grocery cart guys in my neighborhood on Election Day. I haven’t asked their permission yet to post their images, so I’ll start with this image of a bag of soda cans.